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YES, (Adam Davies) local boss program can help you discover how to grow a profitable online lead generation business and to build a six-figure income.

Who is Adam Davies?

Adam left school with zero entrepreneurial skills and found himself working a dreaded 9-5 job with only dreams of owning his own business. Frustrated, but not defeated, Adam decided to take matters into his own hands. He picked up some business books and enrolled in online marketing courses to try and figure out how to make this entrepreneur thing work.

Over the next 10 years, Adam grew several 6 & 7-figure businesses and even got one of them ranked on the Inc.5000 list of fastest growing companies.

His greatest accomplishment to date was when he discovered the “perfect business model” that helps online marketers have a lucrative income AND a great lifestyle working from anywhere in the world.

Witnessing the huge number of internet marketers struggling to scale their businesses, Adam decided in 2018 to create a step-by-step online program to help them break free. He named the program “Local Boss”.

What Is Local Boss?

Local Boss is an online training company that helps online marketers grow a profitable lead generation business.

There’s an estimated 115 Million small businesses in the World and we’ve found almost all of them need help when it comes to generating new customers. That’s why we believe Lead Generation is the #1 skill you can learn that enables you to solve this huge problem for business desperately in need of your help.

Our training programs contain tried and tested systems that anyone can follow enabling our students to learn real world skills that actually work in helping businesses to get more potential customers through the door.

To find out more about the Local Boss training programs, apply for a FREE discovery call with one of our advisers by clicking “Schedule a Discovery Call” below.

Can Local Boss Make Me 6-figures?

Yes, with that said it ain’t going to be easy, it will take hard work and strict focus. Focus on the business program which is Local Boss and to follow every guiding word of Adam Davies.

If you have been looking for a way to make money from home and need a coach Adam Davies program is the way to go. 

The local boss program teaches you how to get leads for small local businesses in your area and nationwide. In fact worldwide if you would like to take it there.

The Local Boss Program is a unique and new way of doing lead generation online. Using pre-built Facebook adds, pre-built emails, prebuilt phone scripts, and much more information and about how to set up your own marketing agencies.

One thing that gets me is that most of these other marketing programs have no or little proof that it actually works. Check out the testimonials down below and decide for yourself.

Here is a quick video with the man himself Adam Davies on tv. Talking about the five tips for making more money and working less. click on the video to learn the five tips and to meet Adam Davies.

well, know that we have seen him on the news lets see some of his success stories. These are real people that got real results from using the Local Boss program and sticking to it.

This is Mike and Adam talking about how he closed 10 clients in the first 23 days and how he did it thru Adams program, Local Boss


and this is Jay. Jay generated $96,000 in one month by using the local boss program.

and now here is
Jonathan is consistently doing 6 figure months by using the Local Boss Program.


and the last one I found was Dawn Marrs. Dawn and Adam talking about using the local boss program and how she got results in her first 7 days.

and here is another testimonial of the newest guy to buy Local Boss and having great results in the Local Boss Program. This is James talking on his success in Local Boss Program.

What’s the learning curve in Local Boss Program?

Lead generation is very difficult and there are many types of online marketing out there and they all want your money but I don’t think they can give you the value that Local Boss can provide, like a real business model and constant guidance (by Adam Davies himself) until you get to a 6-figure income.

I personally would like to go with one that is tired and true. Local Boss Program can give you the skills to compete in the competitive market of generating leads and by doing that you can build your own marketing media agency. 

Oher courses that teach similar lead generation techniques.
all of these marketing programs are not proven and have little to none proof that they work.

I believe that one of the biggest factors in choosing an online business program is that u need to look for testimonials and look for people that have bought the program and have seen true money results from it.


My personal feeling is that Local Boss gives you proof of a true and safe lead generation business model that you can follow with ease and start making money fast and building your future now.

The way Adam Davies program Local Boss built. He not only teaches you how to implement your new marketing lead generation skills but teaches you how to get a client and how to grow your business to a 6-figure income from it. If you are tired of looking for some type of marketing plan. Just go with Local Boss and start moving forward. Start making money right now and stop dreaming about it.

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