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List of Business Software & Tools for Rapid Growth

Business software

Becoming a successful business owner in this day of age takes the right software to do the right job for you. Therefore when it comes to running a small business you need to know about what software is out there and the job that they were meant to perform.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to source out what you are looking for in the shortest time. I hope by creating this business software list it can assist you in moving faster than ever with your business.

Throughout this software, the list feels free to click on any of the software you would like to search a little deeper. In the end, I have left you with my very favorite software that allows me to find freedom within my business.

One more thing before we jump into the goods. If you don't find what you are looking for just email the team and we'll point you in the right direction. charles@charleshardingmarketing.com

Email Marketing Tools

  1. AWeber:
    Email Newsletters – They have set templets that you can use and send out the your email list. You can set them up in a campagne them run a new email automatically.
    Drag and Drop Editor – This allows you to set up your email with a prebuilt template. Basically you can go fast with looking pro.
    HTML Templates – This is another feature that makes your email look good.
    Email Automation* – Must have in my book. Their automation is easy and comes with that drag and drop templates which makes a thing go even faster.
    Tagging – Tagging allows you to organize your email with tags to trigger automated email campaigns based on clicks and opens.
    Team Hub – They give a from one account to add multiple users.
    Split Testing – AB test ground here you can test headlines, send times, and your overall email content.
    Autoresponder Follow-Ups –
    RSS to Email
    Sign Up Forms
    Email API
    Mobile Apps
    Subscriber Management
    Subscriber Segmenting
    Email Tracking
    Email Deliverability Rate

  2. Emma
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. MailChimp
  5. Moosend
  6. Benchmark
  7. ConvertKit
  8. Newsletter2Go
  9. Omnisend
  10. MailerLite


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