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Are Essential Oils essential For Young Living?

When I went over Young Living’s website, went through the images and media gallery, I felt nostalgia from some early childhood experiences.

I love flowers, not only for the aesthetic beauty but also for the aroma of smells some flowers come with.

Imagine the calm and sensation of going through a farm filled with an aura of beautiful and sweet smelling flowers.

You don’t need to go to the countryside to experience that.

Young Living is bringing this and more right into your house. 

Young Living is a globally operating company that has specialized in cultivation, distillation, and production of pure, 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

A visit to their Facebook page Young Living Essential Oils reveals that Gary Young founded the company in 1993 after traveling around the world in a quest for knowledge in natural healing and improvement of lives through the use of nature’s gift to humankind.

The company has offices internationally and farms all over the world. It is from these farms that the therapeutic plants and flowers are, grown and harvested and distilled through their seed to seal technique. 

With the positive reviews online on the products and the over two million members of their Young Living network marketing system, I develop a feeling of trust as I scroll through the Young Living’s website.

The website offers broad-based information on what the company offerings which include: essential oils and essential oil blends meant to provide a calming and healing atmosphere, diffusers that ooze the fragrance of essential oils while matching the room’s décor to match the purpose and home cleanliness products that are enriched with essential oil constituents. 

Young Living also offers food supplements so that the benefits of the essential oils can be ingested directly alongside your regular diet for fitness, health benefits, and non-strenuous voluntary weight loss.

I feel this is considerate given that not everyone is a fan of multiple smelling products in their home which can result in a mixture of scents that are sometimes unpleasant.

Other products meant for skin care help cleanse and moisturize regardless of the age especially the Young Living’s Seedlings™ line that is tailored for infant’s sensitive skin.

Last but not least, one can purchase a whole range of mineral-based make up products that have a guarantee of natural –like beauty with minimum side effects. 

Besides fulfilling natural products, Young living has more to offer. Through membership and its Young Living Compensation Plan, one can gain a lot of benefits including earning money, purchases discounts and knowledge on healthy living.

Young Living offers two membership enrollment schemes namely:  Preferred Customer and Business Builder. 

If I am a preferred customer, I get to enjoy a 24% off retail pricing, get Essential Rewards, education opportunities and community support.

On the other hand, I can earn money through the Business builder option with their referral system that has Unilever, generation and Generation Leadership Bonus based on my input on Purchase Volume and hard work in recruiting more members. 

I tried reaching Young Living on their website support, and they responded immediately. To learn more about the essential oils and associated products, one can also reach Young Living through   Twitter,  Facebookand other social media pages.

Moreover, one can spend a few minutes a day to learn more about the essential oils and a variety of Do-it-Yourself videos on healthy living on Young Living’s YouTube channel.

Who knows, you may be on your way to a calmer, peaceful and healthy fulfilling life!

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