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Cat Howell. Not Sure From This Photo LOL.

Cat Howell. who is she?

Well, what I know is that she helps business and entrepreneurs in learning about Facebook ads. Great!

She also has built and scaled a highly successful FB ads agency. she is the owner of Eight Loop social and it apparently generates over six figures per month!

She also subsequently launched The Academy which helps people To Scale Your Business To $100K/mo Revenues Running Digital Marketing Services For Clients.

FATC stands for (facebook ads training clients) I think this facebook ads training is to help freelancers and agency owners bypass the costly and lengthy learning curves involved in building out a FB ads business and to run ads. From enrolling clients through delivery and agency processes.

she also had the privilege to have worked with hundreds of clients – including brands of the likes of Coca Cola Amatil and Contiki, as well as grassroots startups and well-known influencers team at Eight Loop Social.

She’s one of the world’s most recognized and top FB ads agencies and has one of the highest industry ROI rates! Pretty impressive right.

Collectively, her company manages over $300K in ad spend per month and have been able to take clients from zero to generating over six figures in revenue/mth in a matter of months.

This is what cat Howell thinks and suggests.

If You’re struggling with one of your Facebook campaigns if you’re sinking a lot of budgets and not getting the returns that you’re after or you’re about to lose the client or you don’t even know how to get started with a campaign then you need to stop and be careful.

Running Facebook ads are very scary if you don’t have the right coach or program.

Cat Howell says don’t worry this is a really common situation in the industry.

Cat Howell says even if you watched all the free videos taken Facebook’s course and listen to all the best practice often times the stuff that you read is redundant and the moment that is published and isn’t actually what’s working in the marketplace you are in. Which I agree with her on that.

Its true that running facebook ads is very competitive and can be confusing at times because there is so many facebook ads coaches out there and you don’t know who is real and who is just in it for the money.

When Cat Howell started out as a freelancer she came across this problem all the time Howell wasn’t working with really big margins and she didn’t have the budget to afford huge teams of experts or expensive consultant to help her with her facebook advertising.

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When struggled with client facebook campaigns she would end up losing that accounts.

Cat Howell couldn’t turn things around and needed a solution where she could happen to Industry experts at an affordable price where she could learn what is actually working right now even if it goes against what Facebook says should be working

She needed to be across all of this stuff without it consuming hours of my time because I was already so busy trying to run my business and set of these campaigns and manage everything on their own this is why we created a t c h e c is a community where we have pulled together 20 + coaches and experts that specialize across different fields such as bought lead generation campaign Commerce online courses Consultants excetera to help you go inside of your ad accounts and actually set things up properly or troubleshoot your campaigns to get them back on track the cost of satc is minuscule compared to be returns that you’ll get buy retaining an account scaling campaigns simply blowing up your own business if that’s what you’re here for so I look forward to seeing you guys on the other side along with the support there so many more benefits to being inside of this community including we match you up with leads or marketers we helped incubate businesses so we show you live campaigns every month and you can swipe all the funnels and processes behind that and then we give you the training and systems to roll out your own campaigns across different verticals and looking forward to helping you with your Facebook campaigns

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