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About Do TERRA

In 2008, some professionals in the health industry, as well as the business industry, came together to set up do Terra.

Do Terra focuses on the provision of therapeutic grade essential oils, as well as, other related products to individuals all over the world.

Its objective is to ensure that users of its essential oils get life-enhancing benefits.

With the collaboration of experts in the industry like health scientists, botanists, as well as, healthcare professionals and chemists, do Terra has claimed that it produces essential oils of the best quality and these oils can be used in 3 different ways which are –

  • Aromatic diffusion
  • Internal digestion, and
  • Topical application

The do Terra Work-at-Home Business Strategy

Do Terra essential oils are sold on their official website or can be purchased from independent product consultants.

This is the focus of this review.

Do Terra is an MLM company based in Utah. Its product line is comprised of essential oils, skin care products, nutritional supplements, and weight management products.

Just like a lot of Multilevel Marketing firms out there, its basic business strategy is to get referrals to join their sales team.

These referrals earn commissions from referring other people to join the network too or by simply selling the products.

As a network marketing company, do Terra has a compensation plan where members earn bonuses when they recruit new members, make sales, and earn rewards.

How to earn AND MAKE MONEY WITH do Terra

When you join the do Terra network as an Independent Product Consultant, here is how the earning structure operates –

To join, you are to pay a fee of $35. Then, you will receive all of do Terra’s products at a 25% discount. Then, when you sell at the product’s full retail price, your earnings will be the difference which exists between the product's wholesale value and retail price. Also, you can pass savings to potential customers to spice up the sale.

As an Independent Sales Consultant, you can earn commissions when your referrals make sales. Additionally, when the referrals of the people that you refer make sales, you can earn commissions too. Basically, this is how multi-level marketing companies structure their compensation plan.

The Benefits

One great benefit about do Terra is that the essential oils market is very large as more persons are starting to see how beneficial essential oils can be when used on a daily basis.

Another good benefit is that investing in essential oils is good business. Since the demand for health products is now on the rise, the demand for essential oils is sure to keep rising for as long as possible.

The Bad sides

The Certified Pure Therapy Grade claims by do Terra happens not to be an indication of industry merit in any way.

It seems to be that this certification is probably just an objective measure made up by the company.

Also, in 2014, the FDA investigated do Terra based on its medicinal claims that were made on its site, as well as, social channels.

The FDA officially warned do Terra and gave corrective measures which were applied by the company.

Why Join do Terra?

Based on the findings, there is no indication of illegitimacy from do Terra.

In most cases, websites that are classified as scam give very little details regarding the products that they sell, and they mostly try to use emotional persuasion, as well as, creating deceptive urgency in order to make sales.

Do Terra happens to be transparent with regards to products that are being sold. Lots of information is provided with regards to the origin of the company, how products are manufactured, and more.

Also, people who show an interest in joining the company are advised to have a meeting with an Independent Product Consultant to get detailed information before they join.

ok with that said if Do Terra is for you then go forth and sell all the essential oil you can.

The problem with MLM business model

The problem with MLM business and why so many people are unsuccessful in mlm is because you don't know that many people and you have little to none selling skills

think about it how many people do you know and how many people do you know would actually buy essential oils.

Probably not enough to pay your rent bill or even food bill for that matter.

My advice is to find a company that u don't need a high investment and don't have to con your family and friends into buying your products.

That they probably don't want anyway.

My advise is to brake out of the regular mold and get the returns you have dreamed of.

Check out how i did it and how you can do the same.

Want to know how I made 20,000 a month.

Top MLM Earner Shows You How To Get New Customers.

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