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Mary Kay Review 2019

Thinking about joining Mary Kay?

If so you're in the right place.

I created this Mary Kay Review to give you information on the company as well as give you guidance on how you can actually make money with a Mary Kay business.

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  1. Can You Make Money From Selling Mary Kay?
  2. Here is a Fast History of Mary Kay.
  3. At the End of the Day.
  4. Can You Make Money with Mary Kay?
  5. Market Your Mary Kay Business Online?
  6. Generate Leads for Your Mary Kay Business.
  7. Let's See How Top Earner Russell Brunson Explains It?(Video)
  8. 1: Learn How to Market
  9. 2: Set Up Your Sales System
  10. 3: Get Paid?
  11. In Conclusion…
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Can You Make Money From Selling Mary Kay?

can you make money with mary kay review

The first question people always ask is “Can I make money with Mary Kay?”

The short answer is “YES, you can absolutely make money with a Mary Kay business.”

And lots of people have.

The trouble is, the majority of people who start an MLM business have no idea how to sell the products…

They spend a ton of money filling their kitchen cabinets and or garage with products (don't make this mistake), make a list of all their friends and family, drive those people crazy for a few months and then give up, feeling like a failure.

Long story short… most people end up spending more ? money than they ever make. Sad.

But, I think it doesn't have to be that way.

I'll give you the fix in a minute, (click here if you want to skip straight to the solution) but first, I want to give you more information on the company.

Here is a Fast History of Mary Kay & the founder.

mary kay history review
mary kay headquarters

Mary Kay inc. was founded in 1963. Some of you don't know but Mary Kay was an actual person. She was born on May 12, 1918, in
Hot Wells, Harris County, Texas.

Not much info on her younger life. She did go to school in texas and then when she was 17 she got married and had 3 children.

Her job at the time was a door to door saleswoman selling books.

Soon after that, she went to go work for Stanley Home Products. While she was there she had wanted to move up the rank so she applied for higher positions but kept being passed over by lower-ranking men.

Men she also trained that joined the company after her.

She then quit her job and then started to write a book. That book then led her into creating her dream company (Mary Kay inc)

From there she bowed some money about $5,000 and open up her first retail shop in Dallas. The storefront was called Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Looking for more ways to sell her products she looked into ways to connect her product to more people and impact people's lives by improving their bank account. Mary Kay's net worth is in the billions.

Mary Kay took the company public in 1968.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember you can achieve.”– Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay & MLM

The business model of Mary Kay is multi-level marketing. Allowing regular people to get out there and sell their product.

It's a great way to start a business with low capital. To run an MLM company you need to know how to connect with a lot of people.

Mary Kay Ash had that idea. She knew that by starting a network marketing company she would reach her financial goals.

The Pink Cadillac Selling Machine.

Winner of the Mary Kay Pink Cadillic
Winner of the Mary Kay Pink Car

The Pink Cadillac Car started when Mary Kay bought one from a Dallas car lot and had it repainted in pink.

The was a marketing tool to promote marys company and products. She later gave away 5 pink Cadillacs to the 5 top mary kay consultants and every year since gives away cars if you reach a certain level.

In 2015 a black BMW is the car you can win.

Become a Mary Kay Consultant?

Deciding to become a Mary Kay consultant can be confusing when you first start.

The first question newbies ask is. How much money can I expect to earn as an Independent Business Consultant? Well, the real question is do you like direct selling?

If you like talking to people face to face then you might be good at this. If you don't mind meeting random people and having long chit chat conversation then you might be a black belt in direct marketing.

But, let's say you would like to try another way. A way you can sell the product and build your downline without even throwing a party or shaking a hand.

Find out how this top MLM Car Winner did all this and more

Breakaway from the regular MLM Business Model and sell more

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Products (Best Sellers)

  1. Makeup Best Sellers
    Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
    CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15
    Ultimate Mascara
    Lash Love Mascara
    Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15
    Liquid Eyeliner Pen
    TimeWise Firming Eye Cream
  2. Satin Hands
    White Tea & Citrus Satin Hands Pampering Set
    Extra Emollient Night Cream
  3. Mascara
    Lash Intensity Mascara
    Lash Love Mascara
    Ultimate Mascara
    Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
  4. Lipstick
    Matte Lipstick
  5. CC Cream
    CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15
    TimeWise Firming Eye Cream
    TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream
    Extra Emollient Night Cream
  6. Charcoal Mask
    Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask
    TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask
  7. Clear Proof
    Clear Proof Acne System
    Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask
  8. Eye Shadow
    Indulge Soothing Eye Gel
    TimeWise Firming Eye Cream
    Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
  9. Moisturizer
    Clear Proof Acne System
    Oil-Free Eye Makeup
    TimeWise Firming Eye Cream
  10. Skincare
    TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares
    Clear Proof Acne System

You can find all these products on their website.

Training & Events.

Can a Mary Kay event Change Your Life?
Yes, by being around others that can motivate you and give you guidance on how to sell products can kick start your journey.

Lots of new sellers want to make their own path on how to reach new clients. You could go to events and get the training that everyone gets or you could reach out and learn how to sell MLM products from this guy

Click on the picture to discover who this guy is and receive a free book on how to sell more products.?

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The website & Social Media.

Mary Kay Official Site website review mlm
Official Site website review

The website is a great place to get connected with the products and to answer, any question you may have. On the website, you can shop, join, learn about the company, and learn about the science behind the products.

Mary Kay Facebook Page Review
Mary Kay Facebook Page Review

Facebook has a very active social media base with there Facebook page members at 3,000,000 people. Also, this MK facebook group is loaded with some great articles and has great support for answering any question for the new MLM seller.

Ok here are some other social media connected with the company.

Google Trends Compare MLM.

google trend compare other mlm companies to Mary Kay
Google Trends Compare MLM.

Here is a Picture from google trend showing how Mary Kay compares to other leading MLM companies like Shaklee, Juice Plus +, Forever Living, and Team Beach Body in the United States Right now.

Some other MLM companies that missed the google trends cut Herbalife, Younique, Beachbody, Avon, Rodan + Fields, New You Life, but are mentioned in other MLM reviews I have posted.


It's hard to compete with these new and upcoming MLM companies. But, lucky for Mary Kay their revenue 2018: $3,000 million.

At the End of The Day.

Consultants sell the product and keep the mission alive!

With everything said and done it's an MLM Company that lives and dies by people selling their products.

If you're really good at selling there products which should be fairly easy if you can get is in front of the right people.

You could buy that car you've always dreamed of.

Lots Of people have made that dream come true!

Like, This Guy Below.

dream car clickfunnels mlm 2019
dream car click funnels MLM 2019

Click Here to Find Out How This Guy Won His Dream Car Selling MLM Products.

Well, this all sounds nice, Right?

The truth is it takes a lot of skills new and old ones to make it in Mary Kay or any other MLM company.

Do you have the skills to pay the bills?

Do you have the skills to pay the bills? - Mary Kay Review 2019 MLM review

Can You Make Money with Mary Kay?

There are several ways you can make money with Mary Kay.

First, you can buy the product and then sell it to your neighbors, friends, and family. (Great if you have a huge network who doesn't mind you selling them stuff. Not so awesome if you don't).

Second, you can earn a personal sales bonus because you are buying so many products. This is the whole, buying tons of stock and getting bonuses for moving so much product.

(Except if you have no one to sell it to it doesn't actually move… just hangs out in your garage, collecting dust, and expiring).

A third way is you can sell other people on the idea of making money with Mary Kay. This can also be called affiliate marketing?.

Then when they sign up for the business and start selling, you get paid a percentage of whatever they sell.

(Trouble is most of them don't know what they're doing either and don't sell much)

All 3 ways work. Most people don't want to just do the hard work of learning how to market and sell.

Does the road to success have to be so painful and grueling?

I beg to differ.

There are easier ways.

Market Your Mary Kay Business Online?

Like I said earlier, the biggest problem people run into growing a Young Mary Kay business is that they don't know how to market and sell the products.

MLM companies are notorious for telling people “the products sell themselves,” when that is not true at all.

In order for you to make money with your Mary Kay business, you need to learn how to attract people to your business (MARKETING) and get them the information they need to make a buying decision (SALES).

If you have a huge network of friends and family you might get lucky and make a fortune in them. Possible, but not likely.

Generate Leads for Your Mary Kay Business.

You probably already know this, but leads – aka potential customers – are the lifeblood of any business.

A store no one ever shops at will go out of business pretty fast, right?

That's why you need to learn how to get people to your online store… so they can shop and buy your products.

Here's how you do it…

Let's See How Top Earner Russell Brunson Explains It?

Network Marketing Secrets By Russell Brunson


1: Learn How to Market

The most important step in making money with your Mary Kay business is learning how to market effectively.

After all, you don't want to be another MLM failure statistic!

2: Set Up Your Sales System

Attracting new customers has never been simpler than is it online. All you do is create a juicy free offer in return for your customers' email address and now you can market to them.

3: Get Paid

Unlike most people who are doing everything the outdated, old-school way, by following Step 1 and Step 2, you'll actually start making money.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, I hope you can see from my Mary Kay review that Mary Kay is a great company and provides an awesome business opportunity.

But in order to make money with Mary Kay (or any other network marketing company), you need to learn how to market.

Ready to make money with your Mary Kay business?
It Starts Here.
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