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Norwex Review 2019 MLM

Thinking about joining Norwex?

If so you're in the right place.

I created this Norwex Review to give you information on the company as well as give you guidance on how you can actually make money with a Norwex business.

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  1. Can You Make Money From Norwex?
  2. Here is a Fast History Of Norwex.
  3. At the End of The Day.
  4. Can You Make Money with Norwex?
  5. Market Your Business Online?
  6. Generate Leads for Your Norwex Business.
  7. Let's See How Russel Explains It?(Video)
  8. 1: Learn How to Market
  9. 2: Set Up Your Sales System
  10. 3: Get Paid
  11. In Conclusion…
  12. Free Book on Network Marketing Secrets.

Can You Make Money From Norwex?

norwex review mlm 2019

The first question people ask is “Can I make money with Norwex?”

The short answer is “YES, you can absolutely make money with a Norwex business.”

And lots of people have.

The trouble is, the majority of people who start an MLM business have no idea how to sell the products…

They spend a ton of money filling their garage with MLM products (don't make this mistake), make a list of all their friends and family, drive those people crazy for a few months and then give up, feeling like a failure.

Long story short… most people end up spending more money than they ever make. Sad.

But I think it doesn't have to be that way.

I'll give you the fix in a minute, (click here if you want to skip straight to the solution) but first, I want to give you more information on the company.

Here is a Fast History Of Norwex

Norwex is short for “Norwegian Experience”.

The company was founded in 1994 by Bjørn Nicolaisen. At that time he was introduced to microfiber, and how it could clean a window using water and the microfiber cloth.

Bjorn then took that idea and started a company called -Eidsvoll Miljøprodukter- he called this company his personal revolution on ”cleaning without chemicals”. The company main focus was to try to keep chemicals out of your house.

This is a photo of the first building Norwex

norwex review mlm 2019 the norwegian experience

Headed to New Lands

From 1999 to early 2007 they started moving from just selling in Norway to other countries. First starting with Canada promoting “little red cloth” then moving to the United States. At that time Norwex also started selling in Riga, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia doing quite well in Latvia.

In 2007 Norwex invented a new product. The product was a new microfiber made with micro silver. The technology was called BacLock. Coming out with this new product was the tipping point for Norwex.

The Australia Push

Norwex opened a shop in Australia in 2008. Now came to Australia to improve the quality of life that the Australians have. Australia is the third biggest market for the MLM company and was a very big position to take.

Norwex knew that Australians wanted natural and organic products with no harmful chemicals. So they put out a new line of products that was just that. The headline they used to sell the new products was  “improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning” and it later became there mission statement.

norwex review mlm 2019 ua

Headed to China.

The company opens its own production facility in China to ensure quality and meet the growing demand for Norwex Microfiber.

Norwex is a direct sales company which means you can become a rep for the company and get paid based on selling their products, as well as other people on your “team” selling their products.

Headquarter in Canada.

Norwex puts some solid roots down and builds a headquarter in Canada because of the high demand for its product in North America.

norwex review mlm 2019 usa

Later, in 2013 Norwex officially opens in the United States.

Norwex was in the USA in 2011 but never had a building or offices. the USA location was the first for Norwex to use a highly automated order processing system designed to ensure the best service possible.

The company clearly achieved its mission which was to help people improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

At the End of The Day.

Consultants sell the product and keep the mission alive!

With everything said and done it's an MLM Company that lives and dies by people selling their products.

Here is a Picture from google trend showing how Norwex compares to other leading MLM companies like Doterra, Younique, And Jeunesse in the United States Right now.

Some other MLM companies that missed the google trends cut Herbalife, Isagenix, LuLaRoe, Beachbody, Avon, but are mentioned in other MLM reviews I have posted.

If you're really good at selling MLM products which should be fairly easy if you can get is in front of the right people.

You could buy that house or that car you've always dreamed of. Lots Of people have made that dream come true!

Sounds nice, right?

The truth is it takes a lot of skills new and old ones to make it in Norwex or any other MLM company.

Do you have the skills to pay the bills?

How Can You Make Money with Norwex?

How to Make Money With Norwex With this Norwex Review

There are several ways you can make money with Norwex.

First, you can buy the product and then sell it to your neighbors, friends, and family. (Great if you have a huge network who doesn't mind you selling them stuff. Not so awesome if you don't).

Second, you can earn a personal sales bonus because you are buying so many products. This is the whole, buying tons of stock and getting bonuses for moving so much product.

(Except if you have no one to sell it to it doesn't actually move… just hangs out in your garage, collecting dust, and expiring).

A third way is you can sell other people on the idea of making money with Norwex.

Then when they sign up for the business and start selling, you get paid a percentage of whatever they sell.

(Trouble is most of them don't know what they're doing either and don't sell much)

All 3 ways work. most people don't want to just do the hard work of learning how to market.

Take, for instance, this woman who finally made it to platinum status after 10 painstaking years of trying to make it…

Does the road to success have to be so hard and grueling?

I beg to differ.

There are easier ways.

Market Your Norwex Business Online?

Like I said earlier, the biggest problem people run into growing a MLM business is that they don't know how to market and sell the products.

MLM companies are notorious for telling people “the products sell themselves,” when that is not true at all.

In order for you to make money with your MLM business, you need to learn how to attract people to your business (MARKETING) and get them the information they need to make a buying decision (SALES).

If you have a huge network of friends and family you might get lucky and make a fortune. Possible, but not likely.

For the rest of us, here's the solution.

Generate Leads for Your Norwex Business.

You probably already know this, but leads – aka potential customers – are the lifeblood of any business.

A store no one ever shops at will go out of business pretty fast, right?

That's why you need to learn how to get people to your online store… so they can shop and buy your products.

Here's how you do it…

Let's See How Russell Brunson Explains It?

Network Marketing Secrets By Russell Brunson


1: Learn How to Market

The most important step in making money with your Norwex business is learning how to market effectively.

After all, you don't want to be another MLM failure statistic!

2: Set Up Your Sales System

Attracting new customers has never been simpler than is it online. All you do is create a juicy free offer in return for your customers' email address and now you can market to them.

3: Get Paid

Unlike most people who are doing everything the outdated, old-school way, by following Step 1 and Step 2, you'll actually start making money.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, I hope you can see from my Norwex review that Norwex is a great company and provides an awesome business opportunity.

But that in order to make money with Norwex (or any other network marketing company), you need to learn how to market.

Ready to make money with your Norwex business?


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